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 Archie Lassiter leads SEANC25 delegation in MLK Day March at UNC-CH

Archie Lassiter

MLK Day March

This stamp was issued in 1975 to commemorate the

Welcome to SEANC District 25's virtual home.  SEANC25 is one of SEANC's 53 districts, which are located  throughout North Carolina.  SEANC25 members are primarily retired and active employees of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Retired and active state employees and others who support SEANC's mission and goals are encouraged to join the Association.  We invite you to explore the information about SEANC found in this web site. Your comments and inquiries are invited.  Please email SEANC25 Chairperson Jonathon Stephenson.

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Jack Howard Gunnells
University Personnel Director, 1970-1990
District 25 Executive Committee Member, 1989-1996
SEANC District 25 Founding Member