Jack Howard Gunnells

The following is a slightly revised text of an open letter Jack Gunnells wrote to SEANC District 25 members in April 1996.  Jack served as University Personnel Director from 1970-1990 and was a Founding Member of District 25.  He passed away in June 1996. We include his words here in recognition of his dedication to improving the welfare of University employees.

As a member of District 25, you are an important asset to this Association.  This fact gives rise to the two reasons for my writing you now.  First, thank you very sincerely for your membership and for your continued support of our mutual causes.

Second, let me ask you to consider getting a bit more involved now with District 25, "Your SEANC at UNC."

Rich benefits flow from the stronger District your service and leadership will produce.  As we know, strong districts - the grassroots - make a strong Association.  And SEANC is all that's going for us in the capitol city amid all this talk of cuts in taxes, cuts in budgets, and cuts in employment.

By now, you're likely asking, "Where can I make even more of a difference?"  I'm glad to say there are many opportunities.  The most basic: help another employee join SEANC right away!  A growing membership is the greatest source of our strength as an association.  Legislators know these numbers and are impressed.

Next, attend the regular monthly business meetings held on the second Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Law School. Bring your ideas and get better informed on the issues and what's being done already. These sessions are run with an eye on the clock.  Later, you might want to be a delegate to the annual SEANC convention.

Many committee opportunities cry out today for volunteer members.  One of these involves creating and drafting proposed new employee policies for consideration at SEANC's annual convention.  Another is in the political action area, selecting political candidates for SEANC endorsement.  And much, much more.

As a member, you've already joined UP and that's good.  Please do now consider joining IN.  Join in to help State employees, our community, and yourself.

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