SEANC...a 55,000+ strong lobbying
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improving the salaries, benefits,
and working conditions of
all state employees

Elect Steve Hutton
SEANC Second
Vice President

Unity is the measure of any organization.  The more unified the purpose and objectives of the members, the more successful an organization is likely to be.  Steve Hutton Spring 2000

Vision for SEANC |  A respected, member-run organization that anticipates and confronts challenges effectively. 

Mission |  Achieve market competitive compensation and benefit levels for active and retired employees sufficient to recognize their contributions to North Carolina's quality of life.   Assure annual cost-of-living increases for retirees.

Goals |  Freedom to bargain collectively; a fully-functioning, effective political action committee (EMPAC); mutually respectful relationships with elected officials; a policy platform process that identifies employee concerns and ways to address them; communication processes that fully engage membership in the development of SEANC's legislative agenda and provide members with the information needed to effect change at the state and local levels; a membership growth and retention program that builds a loyal, involved membership where members feel valued for their participation and contributions.

Support Steve's campaign.  Members Speak...Hutton listens.  Let him know your concerns.  Email Steve.


"Steve Hutton is one of the brightest, sharpest minds we have in SEANC.   Dr. Jerry Jailall, District 44 >>more

When the dust settles, Steve Hutton will still be standing as an advocate for justice for state employees.  Elizabeth Haddix, Attorney at Law >>more

". . . formidable defender of workers' rights and due process. His perennial fair-mindedness is the best defense against unfair treatment.  Joe Schuch >>more

From marching in protest with us, to sitting in the courtroom, Steve seemingly spent every minute he could spare steadily working on our behalf (and in turn all state employees). . . He has proven he is an effective advocate for all state employees through his tireless work and unyielding push for workers’ rights in North Carolina. Sharon House >>more

It has been our conversations, game plans, marches on the South Building, charity, life, and just listening to me when I was so distressed for the Dental School staff. . . Steve is recognized by his peers on this campus [UNC-CH] as being among the top staff advocates in the State of North Carolina.   Martha B. Barbour >>more

Steve Hutton has a vast understanding of state personnel policy.  Jackie Maynard >>more

I was overwhelmed by all of the legal papers and documents needed to be filed with the court.  Again Steve was helping me and encouraging me all along the way.  R. Brent Judd   >>more

I would strongly recommend Steve Hutton for any position with SEANC that would utilize his talents to fight for NC state employees’ rights.  Frank Bermel  >>more



Freedom Writers

Founded Freedom Writers in 1997, the group that was the precursor of the HOPE Coalition.   Brought together leaders from several public sector labor associations to work toward achieving collective bargaining rights.

HOPE Coalition

Participated in initial meeting of the Triangle Labor Group on December 5, 2001, when the concept of the HOPE Coalition was endorsed by public sector labor leaders.  Individual member of the Coalition since its formation. 

Member, HOPE’s publication committee, 2006 to present.


Annual Convention Delegate, 1999-present

SEANC Board of Governors, 2003-04

Alternate Piedmont Regional Representative, 2003-2004,  the year the initial partnership agreement with SEIU was signed.

Privatization Study Committee, 1995-97

Planning Committee, 1999-01

Collective Bargaining Study Committee, 2001-08:

  • Co-Chair - two terms

  • Vice Chair - two terms

Author, Collective Bargaining Resolution, 2001

Developed and presented educational materials, organized teach-ins, and developed strategy for obtaining collective bargaining rights.

Led Convention Collective Bargaining Workshops, 2002 & 2003


Offices Held 1996-present:  Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Bylaws Chair, Communications Chair, Employee Relations Chair, Nominations Chair, and Audit Chair.


District 25 Email News Service:  Built a member email list.  Prepare and email four to six news reports each week to employees of UNC-CH, 1996-present.

Author, District Newsletter articles, Letters to Editor...

WebSite:  Contributed collective bargaining educational information [first available online to SEANC members].

Employee Relations (1996-present)

Grievance Support Person -- Cases have included warnings, dismissals, layoffs, hostile work environment, retaliation, disability, and discrimination.  Counsel employees to improve relations with supervisors and co-workers.

Outsourcing:  In the period 1996-2000, when UNC-Chapel Hill employees faced outsourcing, developed and implemented strategies to protect employees from unfair outsourcing.

Employee Rights:  Conducts an ongoing education campaign at UNC-Chapel Hill through District 25 and The Employee Forum about the importance of employee rights under the State Personnel Act.

Discrimination:  Assisted attorney with a layoff/age discrimination case.

Currently assisting a former employee with legal research and strategy for his age discrimination case before Office of Administrative Hearings.


SEANC Distinguished Service Award, 2002

Steve is "an individual who has the capacity to see issues clearly and then communicate them in ways that bring others along to new understandings. . .[excerpt from nomination]"

District 25
Member of the Year, 1998 & 2002

People’s Award, 2001

Member Recruitment Award, 1997 & 2004

~ More about Steve ~

SEANC Leadership I Training, 2003

MAT I & II Training, 2007

Resides in Chatham County

Information & Library Science (ABD),
       The University of NC at Chapel Hill, 1988-91
M.L.S. Ball State University, 1981
A.B. English Literature, University of Michigan, 1972

Certified Mediator:  Raleigh Dispute Resolution Center


The University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill
, 1992-present

  • Instructor, Summer 1991

  • Applications Specialist, 1992-present

  • University Personnel Flexibility Committee 2001-02 [Co-authored minority report upholding employee protections under State Personnel Act.]

The Employee Forum

  • Delegate 2007-08

  • Communications Committee 2001-present