These articles are hereby established to provide guidance, direction, and areas of responsibility in the conduct of District 25 business in accordance with the primary objective of SEANC, Inc.




                SECTION 1.0   The District Officers and their method of selection shall be as follows:


                1.1                District Chairperson (elected)


                1.2                District Vice-Chairperson (elected)


                1.3                District Immediate Past-Chairperson (succeeds Chairmanship)


                1.4                District Secretary (appointed by Chairperson)


                1.5                District Treasurer (appointed by Chairperson)


                1.6                Parliamentarian (appointed by Chairperson)


                SECTION 2.0   The District Standing Committee Chairpersons and their method of selection shall be as follows:


                2.1                Bylaws (elected)


                2.2                Policy Platform (elected)


                2.3                Auditing (appointed by Chairperson)


                2.4                EMPAC (appointed by Chairperson)


                2.5                Membership (appointed by Chairperson)


                2.6                Nominating (appointed by Chairperson)


2.7           One delegate shall be elected at the District Annual Business Meeting to represent the number of members as specified in the SEANC, Inc. Bylaws at the time of the Annual Business Meeting.


2.8           Additional delegates required for representation at the Annual State Convention shall be appointed by the Chairperson in concurrence with the Executive Committee.


                SECTION 3.0   There shall be a District Executive Committee which shall consist of the District officers, chairpersons of the District Standing Committees and delegates.  Each member of the District Executive Committee will represent the number of members as set forth in the SEANC, Inc. Bylaws in the District as of the date of the Annual Convention; however, this representation shall include the District officers.  Due to possible fluctuations in the membership during the year, delegates to represent the District at the Annual Convention shall be chosen in descending order as elected by ballot and as needed. 


                SECTION 4.0   The District Annual Business Meeting shall be held no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the Annual Convention, at a time and place designated by the previous District Annual Business Meeting or the District Executive Committee.  The purpose of the District Annual Business Meeting shall be to review and accept the reports of the Standing and Special Committees; approve proposed changes to the  Bylaws; adopt Policy Platform objectives; elect officers, delegates and chairpersons for the coming year; and conduct such other business as deemed necessary.


                SECTION 5.0   The fiscal year for District 25, SEANC, Inc. shall be from October 1 through September 30.




                SECTION 1.0  The District Chairperson, District Vice-Chairperson, Bylaws Committee Chairperson, Policy Platform Committee Chairperson, and delegates-at-large as set forth in Article I shall be elected from nominees as submitted by the District Nominating Committee or from additional nominations from the floor at the Annual Business Meeting.  Nominees must be present at the Annual Business Meeting or be excused by the Chairperson in order to remain on the ballot.  A quorum for District meetings shall be those members who present themselves at the appointed time and place. 


1.1           The District Chairperson, District Vice-Chairperson, Bylaws  Committee Chairperson, Policy Platform Committee Chairperson, shall be elected by the district members attending the District Annual Business Meeting or during a recess of the District Annual Business Meeting to give an opportunity for the election to be conducted under the supervision of the district Auditing Committee.  The adjournment of the District Annual Business Meeting shall be postponed by the District Chairperson until the announcement of the election results by the District Auditing Committee.


1.2           A majority vote shall be required for the election of the District Chairperson, District Vice-Chairperson, Bylaws Committee Chairperson, Policy Platform Committee Chairperson, and delegates-at-large.  In the event there are three (3) or more candidates for any office, the candidates receiving the highest number of votes may, after the results have been made public, make a verbal request to the District Chairperson for a run-off election to be held at the same meeting.


1.3           A plurality of votes cast shall be sufficient to elect the delegates-at-large.


1.4           The term of office of the District officers, Standing Committee Chairpersons, and delegates-at-large shall begin October 1 following the adjournment of the Annual State Convention and shall continue until successors are appointed or elected and duly installed.


                SECTION 2.0  When vacancies occur in the District Executive Committee, other than the Chairperson-ship, the District Chairperson, with the consent of a majority of the District Executive Committee, shall have the authority to fill such vacancies.  When a vacancy occurs in the Chairperson-ship, the District Vice-Chairperson shall succeed to the Chairperson-ship.  The District Executive Committee from within its membership shall then appoint a new District Vice-Chairperson.


                SECTION 3.0  The District Executive Committee shall have the authority to remove from office for just cause any member of the District Executive Committee.  Removal may only occur after charges and specifications are made in writing and the person charged has been given an opportunity to explain or defend the action questioned.  Removal will require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the District Executive Committee members present and voting.


                SECTION 4.0  In the event an elected delegate is unable to attend the Annual Convention, the District Chairperson shall appoint a delegate from the duly-elected District Alternates; if such an alternate is not available, a delegate may be appointed from the District membership at large.  Such appointment shall be approved by the District Executive Committee and the name of such delegate submitted to the State General Treasurer prior to the convening of a session at which such appointee is to serve.





                SECTION 1.0  District Chairperson - The District Chairperson shall preside at all District annual, called and District Executive Committee Meetings and shall serve on the SEANC, Inc. Board of Governors.  A presiding officer pro tempore may be arranged at the District Chairperson's discretion.


1.1           The District Chairperson shall appoint, in addition to those shown in Article I, the following special Committee Chairpersons as needed:


                (a)           A District Scholarship Chairperson


                (b)           A District Group Buying Chairperson


                (c)           A District Publicity Chairperson


                (d)           A District Finance Chairperson


                (e)           A District Volunteer Action Chairperson


                (f)            A District Newsletter Chairperson


(g)                Approve the appointment of no more than ten (10) committee members to each Standing and Special Committee, such appointments to be made by the Chairpersons of the respective committees.


(h)                Appoint a chairperson for any other special projects as the need arises.


1.2           The District Chairperson shall:


(a)                Perform such duties as may be delegated by the District Executive Committee and such others as are usually incumbent upon the office of District Chairperson.


(b)                Prior to the date of the Annual Convention, present in writing to the President of SEANC, Inc. such matters as were approved and/or adopted by the District Annual Meeting.


                SECTION 2.0  District Vice-Chairperson - The District Vice-Chairperson shall:


2.1           Exercise the functions of the District Chairperson in the case of absence or disability of the District Chairperson.


2.2           Perform such other duties as assigned by the District Chairperson or the District Executive Committee.


                SECTION 3.0  District Treasurer - In addition to the regular duties usually incumbent to such office, the District Treasurer shall:


3.1           Receive and disburse all District moneys in accordance with the Annual Budget approved by the District Executive Committee.  Budget revisions and disbursement of funds for unbudgeted transactions are subject to the approval of the District Executive Committee.


3.2           Defray the actual necessary expense of all duly elected officers and delegates attending an Annual or called meeting of the Convention of SEANC, Inc.; provided that all such expenses authorized to be paid under this subsection shall be computed on the basis of the State's current per diem plus mileage at the rate allowed members of the Board of Governors on official business.


3.3           Prepare and submit a financial report at each District Executive Committee Meeting and at the District Annual Meeting.


3.4           Submit a complete membership and financial report to the State General Treasurer immediately following the Annual District Meeting.


3.5           Compensation for the District Treasurer shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


SECTION 4.0  District Secretary -  The District Secretary shall:


4.1           Act as recording secretary at all District Executive Committee Meetings and Annual District Meetings.


4.2           Maintain District records, including minutes of all meetings, attendance reports, and all pertinent historical data.  All data to be compiled and passed to successive secretaries or historians.


4.3           Compensation for the District Secretary shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


                SECTION 5.0  District Standing Committees - Each District Standing Committee shall consist of no more than ten (10) members to serve with the elected or appointed chairperson.  These members shall be chosen to serve by the Standing Committee Chairperson, subject to approval of the District Chairperson.


5.1           DISTRICT BYLAWS COMMITTEE:  It is the exclusive responsibility of the District Bylaws Committee to receive and consider all proper proposals affecting any changes whatsoever in the Bylaws of SEANC, Inc., and the Bylaws of District 25 whether such changes involve matters of form or of substance.  The State Bylaws place this responsibility in the hands of this Committee and prescribe the only method of presenting amendments to the Bylaws to the Annual Convention.


5.2           DISTRICT POLICY PLATFORM COMMITTEE: It is the duty of the district Policy Platform Committee to receive, consider or initiate proposed objectives on matters affecting the welfare of state employees and submit such objectives that do not affect changes in the Bylaws to monthly membership meetings.  Those objectives passed by the members at the monthly membership meetings shall be immediately presented to the State Policy Platform Advisory Committee for action.   


5.3           DISTRICT AUDITING COMMITTEE: It is the duty of the District Auditing Committee to examine the various financial records maintained by the District Treasurer.  The Committee shall make a report of its examination along with any suggestions for the improvement in the methods of conducting the financial affairs of the District, to the Annual District Meeting.  The District Auditing Committee shall assume such additional duties as may be assigned by the District Chairperson or Executive Committee, including assistance in conducting District elections.


5.4           DISTRICT EMPAC COMMITTEE: It is the duty and direct responsibility of the District EMPAC Committee to become informed on all matters of pending legislation directly concerning and affecting state employees and to inform the district membership of the status of these matters.  It shall also be the duty of this Committee to plan and coordinate legislative dinners or other functions involving District legislators, to issue invitations to the proper legislators, and to perform any other duties to insure that such functions are successful and well attended.


5.5           DISTRICT MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: It is the duty and responsibility of this Committee to promote and coordinate an on-going membership drive within the District so as to make membership available to all eligible employees and retirees.  This Committee shall be constructed so as to geographically represent all agencies within the District.  It shall be the duty of the Membership Committee to sponsor an incentive activity to promote new memberships and early renewals of existing memberships.  This Committee shall coordinate activities with other Committees within the District so as to gain maximum benefit in recruiting new members.


5.6           DISTRICT NOMINATING COMMITTEE: It is the duty and direct responsibility of this Committee to interview prospective candidates who are members in good standing and nominate persons as District candidates for Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Chairperson of the Bylaws and Policy Platform Committees.  This committee shall also nominate a sufficient number of members as candidates for delegates-at-large and alternates to fill the district quota.  This Committee shall circulate to the District Membership the proposed slate of candidates.


5.7           DELEGATES-AT-LARGE: It shall be the duty of elected delegates-at-large and alternates to attend all District Executive Committee Meetings and to otherwise keep themselves informed of the business conducted by the District during the fiscal year of their term.   So as to be in a position to properly represent the members of District 25 at the annual Convention.  These delegates-at-large and alternates may also be called upon by the District Chairperson to serve in any capacity that is considered necessary during the terms of their elections.


                SECTION 6.0  District Special Committees - The District Chairperson may appoint such special committees as may be necessary to transact the business of the District.  These committees are usually appointed to coordinate and carry out the functions of special projects as they arise and are discontinued upon completion of these projects.  Chairpersons of special committees are expected to attend all Executive Committee Meetings.  Chairpersons of special committees shall be selected from the elected delegates-at-large or alternates.


6.1           DISTRICT SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: It is the duty of this Committee to distribute and receive scholarship applications from qualified applicants from within the district, to impartially screen those more qualified and forward the proper number of applications to the State Scholarship Committee for its consideration in choosing the state-wide recipients.


6.2           DISTRICT GROUP BUYING COMMITTEE: This Committee shall, in conjunction with local merchants, present group buying projects to the district's membership, coordinating their efforts with the District Membership Committee.  the Committee shall also coordinate its efforts with those of the State Group Buying Committee.


6.3           DISTRICT VOLUNTEER ACTION COMMITTEE: It is the duty of this Committee to coordinate activities within the District toward providing financial or material assistance to worthy organizations, groups of people or individuals.  Projects shall be conducted from time to time on the District level; in addition, this committee shall coordinate the District's involvement with the State Volunteer Action Committee on state-wide activities.


6.4           DISTRICT FINANCE COMMITTEE: This Committee shall perform such duties as may be delegated by the District Chairperson and shall plan events each fiscal year as needed to provide the necessary funding needed for District activities.


6.5           DISTRICT NEWSLETTER COMMITTEE: This Committee shall be responsible for informing the membership of activities of SEANC, Inc. on the District and State levels.  These communications shall present items of general interest for the welfare of the members.


                SECTION 7.0  District Executive Committee - The District Executive Committee, subject to the action of the district Annual Meeting and in compliance with the Bylaws of SEANC, Inc., and the Bylaws of District 25, shall have general supervision and control over the affairs of the District.


7.1           There shall be a District Policy Manual, the provisions of which shall be adopted at the first District Executive Committee Meeting following the Annual Convention each year.  The District Policy Manual may be amended by a simple majority of the District Executive Committee.


7.2           Any elected or appointed Chairperson of a Committee who is absent from a District Executive Committee Meeting and fails to arrange for a Committee member to represent the Committee,  may be notified that their name has been removed from the Executive Committee unless such absence is duly excused for just cause by the District Chairperson.  District officers and elected delegates who have no Committee members to represent them at District Executive Committee Meetings will be notified that they have been removed from the District Executive Committee if they are absent from more than two (2) meetings during their term of office unless the District Chairperson duly excuses such absences for just cause.


                SECTION 1.0  Each proposed amendment to the Bylaws of District 25 shall be voted upon at the Annual District Meeting, provided such amendment has first been submitted in writing and signed by the proponent and reviewed by the District Bylaws Committee.


                SECTION 2.0  Adoption of any such proposed amendment shall require a simple majority vote of District members present at the District Annual Meeting.




                SECTION 1.0  The proceedings of each meeting of District 25 shall be governed by the applicable provisions of Robert's Rules of Order, Revised.




Adopted by SEANC District 25 July 6, 1993

Amended July 12, 1994

Amended July 11, 1995